Senegal – S.O.P. SA

Maris Fiducia and Engineering Energies and Construction Falco SUARL, t.b.n. soon  S.O.P. SA are supporting the Senegal government and local partners to explore and commercialize the gas and oil fields of Senegal, with the deploying and building of a complete Offshore Logistic Platform.

Following a series of oil and gas discoveries offshore in 2014, Petrosen have actively promoted the country as a statistics hub for hydrocarbon exploitation for both domestic use and exports. The offshore findings have raised a lot of interest from buyers, especially from Europe, Asia and neighboring countries.

Maris Fiducia has been asked to support and develop the marine side of the strategy, making Senegal a key hydrocarbon hub in Africa, serving its own needs as well demand from abroad.

Following an initial due diligence in Dakar, Sitecne and Maris Fiducia have formulated a joint strategy to organize the required transport means, support and logistics. This includes amongst others, a new Port to station the FRSU (maybe 2), supporting pipelines to shore as well the needed SPVs and Port tugs.

Transportation of LNG, MGO and other products will be controlled by local entities. Sitecne and Maris Fiducia will educate and build the needed knowledge in these local companies, by training locally sourced staff to bring them as soon as possible to the required skill level. A sales department, that will first service the local market and thereafter the neighboring countries will be supported as well, once the oversea transport means are in place. The fleet of smaller Tankers needed to secure supplying the nearby countries are small size tonnage up to 10.000 DWT. The overseas LNG Carriers needed to fulfill the contractual supply of LNG towards India will be served by modern 150.000 M3 carriers. Also, the floating docks and terminal floors will be handled and dealt with.

Maris Fiducia and SOP aiming to open the storage and Bunkering Services before year end 2023 and focus on enlarging the services to not only fossil but also supporting the Green Energies.

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